We are a team of business thinking highly experienced qualified professionals with a proactive attitude. Originating in the legal field, through continuous development we established accounting, audit and HR service fields and in response to recent challenges, we created an area of information and communication technology to provide a firm basis and a new perspective for the provision of advisory services.


We are creating something new by crossing the borders and not boxing in our thinking.

Experience is important, yet results matter, innovation is still the key

We graduated as

lawyers, economists and IT specialists who – if we have to categorize – work as attorneys at law, tax advisors, accountants, auditors, project managers, payroll and IT specialists.

We are convinced

that changes that have taken place in recent decades have made these categories obsolete. Events of the world and business life can no longer be approached from a single narrow perspective. Global knowledge and expertise are required to be able to ask the right questions at the right time and so give exact and effective responses to the challenges that arise from day by day.


We are success oriented.

We are focused on achieving results. Our client's affairs are a challenging task for us to solve promptly and effectively.

Business thinking.

Our business and industry specific knowledge enables us to understand the operation of our clients so we can proactively proceed or advise them on how to establish the most efficient practices and methods.

Win-win situations.

We do believe that several ways exist to achieve a certain goal. We are convinced that only those methods are successful in the long run, which create a common ground benefiting all parties.


We work quickly and efficiently.

Personal view

Even if we are working as organizations, we do believe in the power of personal relationships. We are proud to maintain excellent connections with our clients and those with whom we co-operate.

We build trust.

We strive to establish long-term co-operation based relationship with our clients. Yet we are not afraid to voice our opinion. We let our results speak for themselves.

Based on our principles, we are proud that we have grown trough the referrals of our clients.

Management Team

Attila Fehér LL.M., Dr.jur.

Legal & Tax Services

Krisztina Kemenes Dr.jur.

Accountancy Services

Attila Csere

ICT Services

Alexandra M. Csontha

Delivery Management

Our Clients

Our clients are corporations operating in various industries and backgrounds.

subsidiaries and branches of foreign enterprises across the globe

corporations operating in specific business sectors (production, logistics and transportation, international commerce, IT and R&D)

Hungarian domiciled companies with international operations

companies which are under special tax supervision because of their activities or international relations

private investors having diversified portfolio and asset structures in several countries

business managers who don’t want sleepless nights and value the premium security we provide

We enable our clients to focus on their business by providing professional administrative and advisory services that allow them to invest and operate safely in Hungary.