Your ambitions
Our common goals
In harmony with each other.

What is it like to work together?

Personal relationship

We are based on co-operation. Instead of hierarchical terms, we think in terms of execution lines, along which we work to achieve our common goals.


Our team consists of individual personalities; everyone contributes something from their own personality, experience and knowledge. We believe that uniqueness is a value. Beyond the principle of speaking the same language, it is most important to develop individuality. We can provide a firm basis to strengthen your unique values and work in the field that is most effective for you in terms of abilities.


We believe in independence. Once goals, results and related principles have been clarified, it is up to you how you get there. Of course, at the background we provide all support for achieving such results.

Radical Transparency

It is most important to discuss everything, always, every single important thing. We know that nothing is perfect for everyone. At the same time, it is very important to find and establish those common grounds that are the best for everyone.


Depending on your position, you will encounter many challenges. Still, what can you expect for certain?

Supportive environment

we are thinking as a team, yet we pay particular attention to independent task solving. Of course, we provide all background support for this.

International business world

during your work – depending on the position – you will have to maintain contact with foreign individuals and corporations on a daily basis. If you like to speak English, you can use it every day.

Continuous learning

we pay special attention on learning and developing your skills. The emphasis is not only on professional training, but also on the soft-skills that once acquired will enable you to do your work transparently, quickly and efficiently.

Youthful team and familiar atmosphere

we work a lot, that is why it is of the utmost importance to feel good all the time. If we are not working from home, we spend our time in an inspiring office environment, in good company and in a familiar atmosphere.

When are we
counting on from you?

  • you are interested in the world of business

  • you see your profession as a career path

  • you would like to work in a familiar atmosphere for the long term

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