When transparency creates a clear situation and risks become opportunities.
Audit services with a new approach.

Taking into account industrial specifics and market trends, we have created complex solutions that, by focusing on identifying risks and turning them into opportunities, can provide a professional and effective response for today’s challenges, and which we make available to our clients in a simple and understandable way.

Assurance Services

Transparency in the balance of compliance, security and new opportunities.

Statutory audit

Transparency creates clean situations. Clean situations build trust. Our statutory audit services in HAS / IFRS provide a transparent view for our clients. By having a clear view, the identified risks can be transformed into new opportunities.

Audit of corporate situations

There are certain events in every corporation’s life that requires transparency. With our audit services, we can effectively contribute to the successful results of these transactions.

IFRS transition

Full scale of assurance services for the safe and effective transition from Hungarian Accounting Standards (HAS) to IFRS from the creation of impact assessments to drafting of accounting policies and issuance of an auditor’s compliance report.

Value within data

We see data from a different perspective.

Due diligence

With our due diligence services we provide a transparent objective view; we focus on safety and effectiveness, by identifying risks and designing methods for how these risks can be transformed into opportunities for our clients.

IT Audit

Financial data are stored, processed, modified and restructured in IT systems. An IT audit is an essential part for learning and understanding the risks of a corporation. Our team of IT professionals complements the view of our auditors, therefore they are able to provide a complete, true and fair view.

Evaluation Services

Market value is increasingly becoming a key issue both in making business decisions and managing financial reporting and tax risks. We provide a full range of evaluation services from evaluation of companies, businesses and assets to business modeling.