Not an island
but almost a tax haven?

A tax regime with 9% corporate tax and 0% dividend tax having special incentives for those who plan to invest and operate their business here. Take advantage of the opportunities
inherent in Hungarian taxation rules.

Tax optimization and strategic planning to establish the most effective financial and accounting operation.
Outsourcing and tax compliance services to Hungarian or International standards, with full personalization.
Financial and management reporting personalized to your goals to get the most value from your data.
Invoicing, cash management and all related administration services to securely manage your cash-flow allowing you to focus on your business.
Services for non-domestic corporations for effective tax compliance in their Hungarian business.
Technology driven solutions for the most effective processing of data derived from outsourced services within your internal system.

Our System of Services interprets the complex world of accounting and taxation in a simple, understandable way, adapted to the values and subjective expectations of our Clients, realized in the most suitable co-operative form.

IFRS Services

Full scale of accounting services in IFRS from general everyday tasks to the preparation of financial reports and IFRS statements.

Accounting in IFRS

IFRS Transition

Advisory, management and technical realization of the complete project for transitioning your accounting from Hungarian Accounting Standards (HAS) to IFRS.

Occasional transition of HAS based accounting data into International Reporting Standards (IFRS) as per client inquiries.

IFRS reporting

Advisory and Efficiency Improvement

We believe that the basis of growth is preparation, and there is a properly developed strategy behind all great results.

Environment product fee

Full scale of advisory and reporting services for compliance with product related environmental duty.

Transfer pricing

Full scale of transfer pricing and corporate tax related services.

Deal advisory

Structuring of deals and transactions in a complex view to optimize taxation and mitigate risks.

Tax investigations

Our dedicated team of tax attorneys are at your disposal to protect your business from the pressure of authorities and effectively represent your interests through complete proceedings.


While we provide our services at the highest professional standard, we also lay great emphasis on the personal view.
We focus on individualizing our services directly to the needs of our clients and to their day-to-day values.


We focus on the details, you can focus on your business.
Through our accounting and financial outsourcing services we complete the background tasks in which we are professionals, so that you can confidently work on your own professional field.


Our clients may rest assured that their business is safe as their accounting system works professionally and reliably.
Our quality assurance system and the support of our partner law firm provide a solid background and actual legal protection, so that our clients can sleep peacefully at the end of every day.


Our advisory services are the extra which make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
Tax optimization. planning of financial and reporting systems to establish a highly effective financial system and so gain competitive edge.


We design and provide our services directly according to the needs and preferences of our Clients and make them available in a way representing the greatest added value for their everyday operation.

Complete outsorcing of accounting and finance either in the traditional physical manner or through on-line services.

Accounting Management services to share accounting tasks between us and your colleagues.

Case-by-case co-operation to resolve special corporate situations.

Fiscal representation
VAT registration
Full scale of services for non-domestic clients